Cruisin’ with Confidence

Car warranty, service plan and Tyres 4 life. Motor Plan Direct closes the comprehensive insurance gap by offering more.

At Motor Plan Direct, we’re dedicated to revving up the fun and keeping your wheels spinning smoothly. Let’s take a journey down the road of excitement and explore why our vehicle warranties and service plans are the coolest companions for your ride. 

The Magic of Vehicle Warranties  

Comprehensive coverage? Great, you’ve got that, but are you covered in the event of a breakdown? Maybe not! While comprehensive car insurance covers you against most types of accidents, it doesn’t usually provide cover for mechanical breakdowns. That’s why we’re all about the magic of vehicle warranties! Think of them as the superhero for your car’s crucial components. When unexpected breakdowns threaten to rain on your parade, our warranties swoop in, covering the repair or part replacement costs of up to 42 components on your vehicle depending on your cover choice, with a flash of awesomeness. Say goodbye to worries, and hello to carefree joyrides! 

The nitty gritty

Motor Plan Direct warranty products are carefully crafted to provide financial aid towards the cost of sudden and unforeseen mechanical failure of your car. Regular servicing of your car is required to keep the warranty valid, so that is why it is best to take up a service plan alongside your warranty and choose the highest level of cover on our plan options for maximum benefit. Routine maintenance of your vehicle is not covered under a mechanical warranty, but it is often a requirement by your comprehensive insurance policy! So keeping your car service history up to date ensures the vehicle is roadworthy, and that’s where a Motor Plan Direct service plan comes in, to assist you with footing the bill of your car servicing expenses.

Service Plans are Your Car’s BFF 

Meet your car’s new best friend. A Motor Plan Direct service plan takes care of the regular maintenance needs for your vehicle, following the guidelines set by the car manufacturer. In simple terms, it covers the costs associated with servicing your car, whether on an annual basis or as per the manufacturer’s recommended mileage intervals. The duration of a service plan is typically determined by the manufacturer, and the plan’s cost depends on your vehicle’s make and model. Owners of luxury or sports cars may incur higher service plan expenses.

The service plan includes essential replaceable items specified by the manufacturer to keep your car running smoothly, such as oil, air filters, spark plugs, cam belts, brake fluid, and coolant. Labour costs are also covered by the service plan. 

While some might view a service plan as comprehensive, it’s crucial to recognise that it alone may not fully shield you from the financial demands of owning and maintaining a vehicle. That’s where add-ons might be valuable to you.

Why should you have additional cover options? 

New tyres shouldn’t break the bank either, so we’ve developed a first in South Africa, the Netflix of Tyres! Tyres4Life is a plan that allows you to pay a small, but affordable fee every month to have that financial security in place when you need to replace your tyres. 

More cover for your tyres: Any damage caused to tyres which is not accident-related is not covered by a comprehensive vehicle insurance policy. Tyres 4 Life steps up to mitigate the financial burden of forking out thousands of Rands for new tyres when they are worn or damaged by an unforeseen road hazard. There are of course specific terms and conditions that apply, such as you can claim a maximum of 2 tyres on the expiry of your waiting period. Thereafter a new waiting period will begin before you may replace your pair of tyres. Example: If your waiting period is 6 months. You will need to wait 6 months to
replace 2 tyres or 12 months to replace 4 tyres
. Other optional benefits for more protection for your rims: adding Rim Protect to further cover your rims and mag wheels.

Inflate Those Tired Tyres 

Properly inflated tires make for a smoother ride. It’s like giving your car a reinflated energy boost! Keeping your tyres road-worthy means your cover with your comprehensive insurance remains intact. South African insurers could even reject your claim if you’re in an accident and your tyres are worn or stretched.

Top Tips for the Ultimate Joyride!  

Not only are we here to protect your car but we’re here to help you protect your car too! Here are some driving tips to keep your journey as joyful as being with Motor Plan Direct. 

Lights, Camera, Action – Address Warning Lights Promptly! 

Don’t let warning lights steal the spotlight. Address issues ASAP, because your car deserves a starring role in every journey. 

Smooth Moves on the Road – No Sudden Breakups! 

Drive as smoothly as your dance moves. Gentle starts and stops keep the rhythm of your ride in perfect harmony. 

Fluids are the Life of the Party – Keep ‘Em Flowing!  

Regularly check and top up essential fluids. It’s like keeping your car hydrated for the ultimate party on wheels! 

Let’s Keep the Fun Rolling! 

As we round the year off celebrating the successful year of joyrides with Motor Plan Direct, here’s to another year of high-fives, smooth rides, and loads of laughter on the road! Buckle up for more adventures because, with us, your journey is always the main event!  


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