At Motor Plan Direct we offer products tailored to suit our client’s needs and your pocket. Our products are backed by industry-leading companies, technology, and people.

Motor Warranty

A Motor or Mechanical warranty provides cover for your car if it breaks down.


Service Plan

A service plan helps provides cover for the cost of servicing your car. Services happen at least once a year, and can be very expensive. And you need to do it.

Tyres 4 Life

No other car tyre plan in South Africa offers you the periodic replacement of your worn-out tyres. We do.

Scratch & Dent

Cover for a vehicle’s body from damage which is repairable by using specified methods and within a monetary amount.

Excess Waiver

Cover in the event of the submission of a claim on your underlying Insurance Policy & you have an excess to pay. 

Credit Shortfall

Covers any amount that you may still owe the financier after we’ve paid out the market value of your car.

Roadside Assistance

For when your vehicle has a breakdown, flat tyre, vehicle collision, and roadside or medical assistance is required. 24 hours, 7 days a week.