How to Save Your Fuel This Summer

Find hot tips for how to save your fuel this summer! Conserve your fuel, protect your pocket and keep your car cool this summer season.

With fuel being as expensive as it is, South Africans are on the lookout for ways to cut costs and save wherever we can. There are several ways South Africans can help ease the cost of fuel and make their fuel last longer.  

Tip 1: Avoid Speeding: 

The first way to increase your fuel economy and lower fuel consumption is to avoid speeding. Keeping below 100km/hour can save a South African motorist as much as 20% on their fuel bill (Fraser, 2023a).  

Tip 2: Prevent Overloading: 

Motorists can save on fuel costs is by preventing overloading. The heavier your vehicle is, the more fuel it will use because the increased weight and added strain on the tyres, means that the engine needs to work harder than normal, and this increases the amount of fuel that is consumed. Ensuring not to overload your car is a surefire way to lower your fuel costs on the road (Fraser, 2023a).  

Tip 3: Use the AC Sparingly: 

Your AC is also a factor that impacts fuel consumption. Using your air-con on short trips can increase your fuel consumption by 10%, however not using the air-con on a hot day and rather opening the windows can reduce aerodynamics and ultimately increase fuel consumption too. The trick is to evaluate the situation and use the air-con only if it is so hot that you feel the need to open your car windows (Fraser, 2023a).  

Tip 4: Avoid Traffic: 

South Africans can save on fuel by opting to drive outside of peak hours, choosing to leave earlier or later in the day to avoid peak traffic times is a simple way to avoid the traffic. By leaving earlier or later, drivers can spend up to 14% less time on the road which ultimately saves you money on fuel and cuts down your fuel consumption as well as the time you spend stuck in traffic (Fraser, 2023b). 

Tip 5: Avoid Stopping & Starting: 

Motorists can save on fuel by maintaining momentum through maintaining safe following distances.  Avoid stopping and starting all the time when driving, predicting red lights and gradually decreasing speed often means you’re able to avoid stopping altogether. Avoid unnecessary braking and aggressive driving habits and rather embrace smooth driving. This will help extend your car’s lifespan by extending the lifetime of your brakes and tyres and will also reduce your fuel consumption and help you to save money on fuel by making your fuel last longer and go the extra mile (WesBank, 2023)

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