What is a Motor Warranty (Mechanical Warranty) and Why Do You Need One?

What is a motor warranty
What is a motor warranty? It is a contract between you and a provider that covers the cost of repairs on specific components of your car.

Unexpected car repairs can be a massive financial burden. That’s where a motor warranty (also known as a mechanical warranty) provides peace of mind.

What is a Motor Warranty?

A motor warranty is an agreement between you and a warranty provider (like Motor Plan Direct) that covers the cost of repairs on specific components of your vehicle if they suffer a mechanical or electrical breakdown. It acts as a safety net against expensive repair bills.

Why Do You Need a Motor Warranty?

  • Protection after your manufacturer warranty expires: Most new cars come with a manufacturer’s warranty, but it has a time or mileage limit. A motor warranty takes over when the manufacturer’s warranty ends.
  • Flexible Coverage: Motor Plan Direct provides up to 8 different motor warranty plans, ranging from basic to unlimited coverage (with the Extender Plan). This allows you to tailor your protection to your needs and budget.
  • Cost savings: Unexpected breakdowns can be financially crippling. A warranty covers the cost of parts and labour for covered repairs, sometimes including the replacement of worn-out parts.
  • Peace of mind: Knowing that you’re protected if something major goes wrong reduces financial stress and makes owning a car less worrisome. Motor Plan Direct even covers vehicles over 15 years old or with over 400,000 km, offering vital protection for older cars.

What’s Typically Covered by a Motor Warranty?

While specifics vary by provider, here are common components often protected:

  • Engine: Pistons, cylinder heads, crankshaft, etc.
  • Transmission: Gears, torque converter, driveshaft, etc.
  • Drivetrain: Axles, propeller shafts, differentials, etc.
  • Electrical systems: Wiring, alternator, starter motor, etc.
  • Air conditioning
  • Fuel Systems

What’s Usually Not Covered

  • Negligence or Misuse: Damage caused by accidents, abuse, or lack of maintenance falls outside of warranty coverage.
  • Cosmetic Issues

Motor Warranties vs. Motor Plans

Motor warranties and motor plans are often confused. Key differences include:

Motor Plan:

Covers the cost of scheduled maintenance services as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. Motor plans usually cover three aspects: service plan, maintenance plan, and extended warranty. 

A motor plan will automatically end when:

  • You reach the prescribed kilometres or term as stipulated in your owner’s manual
  • You fail to service your car within the manufacturer-specified service interval for the second consecutive time
  • Your car is damaged beyond repair or destroyed before the expiry of the Motor Plan 

Motor plans typically cover the cost of parts and labour, as well as normal wear and tear items. 

Motor Warranty or Mechanical Warranty

  • Primarily focuses on covering the cost of repairs due to unexpected breakdowns.
  • A motor warranty is a contractual agreement from a manufacturer or insurance company that your car’s parts will work as they should for a certain amount of time. If something breaks down (and it’s not your fault), the warranty will pay for the fix or replacement. This is different from car insurance, which mainly covers repairs after accidents or other specific events.

Why Choose Motor Plan Direct?

  • Experienced provider: Motor Plan Direct is backed by South Africa’s oldest insurer (OMART,  by Old Mutual), offering security and reliability.
  • Zero Excess: Eliminates out-of-pocket costs for covered repairs.
  • Unlimited cover: The Extender Plan provides peace of mind with unlimited cover for your engine’s mechanical components.
  • Flexibility: Choose the level of coverage that works best for your specific vehicle and needs.
  • Cover for worn-out parts: Every vehicle has parts that will eventually wear out, we pay for worn-out parts up to 100% depending on how old your policy is.

A well-chosen motor warranty is a wise investment, protecting you from the financial shock of a major car breakdown. Motor Plan Direct’s commitment to excellent coverage options makes it especially beneficial for those concerned with expensive repairs, especially if your manufacturer’s warranty is no longer in effect.


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